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Cotecna was founded in Switzerland in 1974 by Mr. Elie Georges Massey. The Group’s first contracts were for commercial inspections in the Middle East.


Cotecna initiated its relationship with the United Nations and has, over the years, worked with UN agencies such as WHOFAO and UNHCR to inspect purchases of medical equipment, including drugs.

In 1984, Cotecna was selected by the Nigerian government, amongst a number of other international service providers, to carry out a “comprehensive import supervision scheme”.

During the following years, Cotecna Inspection adapted this programme specifically for Customs, to what became known as pre-shipment inspection (PSI), creating a new dynamic that spread to many other countries.


Cotecna consolidated its PSI position throughout the 1990s, signing many PSI contracts and establishing its status as one of the world’s premier trade facilitation and inspection organizations making a major contribution in helping to curb foreign exchange control evasion, while increasing nation states’ customs revenue.

In 1999, Cotecna developed the initial pre-shipment inspection program into a destination inspection program that incorporated risk management and the use of new technology such as container scanners. In 1999, Cotecna Inspection was the first company to launch such a program in Ghana.


Cotecna expanded its range of services, introducing Destination Inspection, Risk Management Solutions, Scanners, Cotecna Link, Collateral Management, Certification Services, and Cargo Tracking, …

Cotecna is appointed by the US Government as the only non-US company to help improve national security, taking a significant role in Operation Safe Commerce (OSC).

Business increases steadily during this decade thanks to new government contracts in Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo …

The Commercial division, which specializes in commoditymineral and consumer testing, inspection and certification, is given the autonomy to further develop its activities worldwide. Numerous offices and laboratories receive accreditations for the inspection and quality control of consumer goods and commodities.

New Cotecna offices and laboratories are opened in Central and South America, Asia and Africa.


The Cotecna Group has a combined workforce of approximately 4,000 employees and agents in close to 100 offices. The Group offers the same exacting standards in executing services to both governmental and commercial organizations.

The Massey family has remained at the helm of the company, ensuring that all Cotecna business is conducted with an emphasis on personal, dedicated service.