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Cotecna’s Tiscan goes totally electronic

Press Release
Tanzania, 17 June, 2009

Tiscan, the Tanzanian subsidiary of Cotecna (one of the world’s leading international trade inspection, security and certification companies) offers fully-electronic processes to importers and clearing agents.

Clients can now interface with Tiscan entirely through email and internet to closely monitor all steps in the clearing process from the comfort of their offices. Hard copy documents are no longer required therefore importers and/or clearing agents no longer need to physically visit Tiscan premises, access to Tiscan systems being granted via a highly secured login system.
Classification and Valuation Reports are now issued in two formats (PDF and EDI) on electronically-secured certificates that are available for download from Tiscan’s website. The EDI data is transferable by Customs licensed agents directly into the Customs Import Declarations system.

This major modernization step has been officially approved by Tanzanian Customs and is greatly appreciated by customers as a major trade facilitation achievement.

Robert Massey, CEO, said “I am proud that our team in Tanzania has been able to assist Customs in this innovative step towards trade facilitation which should reduce the cost of doing business and as such, benefit the country as a whole”

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