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Cotecna certifies tourist guides in Colombia

Press Release
Colombia, 23 November, 2009

Cotecna Colombia has signed an agreement with the Tourism Alliance Consortium of Colombia to certify the competence of 50 tourist guides in the cities of Bogota, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

The agreement is supervised by the Vice Ministry of Tourism and as part of the Tourism Guide certification process, Cotecna will review the documentation for each of the guides as well as evaluating them in the field as they are carrying out their work in the various museums, historical and tourist sites of the cities.

20 guides have been certified in Bogota, 20 will be certified in Cartagena and 10 in Santa Marta. The Tourism Alliance Consortium will finance 70% of the cost of the certification and the guide will assume the remaining 30%.

Cotecna developed the certification procedure based on the guidance rules issued by the Sector Unit for Standardization for the Subsector of the Tourist Guides – USNGT. The standards are: NTS GT 001 - Service delivery; NTS GT 002 – Program development control; NTS GT 003 – Preparation of activities; and NTS GT 004 – Realization of basic process. Once the procedures were established, Cotecna contacted the guides who are registered with the National Register of Tourism - RNT.


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