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Cotecna Mexico signs extension to Inspection contract

Press Release
Mexico, 7 April, 2010

Cotecna’s Mexican subsidiary has signed an extension to their Customs Inspection Contract with Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) in Mexico. The four year contract that was originally signed in February 2006 has been extended until December 2010.

The service known as “Segundo Reconocimiento”, or second inspection, is the only service of its kind in the world. It is intended to reduce fraud and prevent the use of forged documentation or triangulation that may conceal the true origin of the goods. The service is mandatory by law and is carried out by close to 120 Cotecna employees in the Customs Primary Zones at 16 border ports of entry. The following three types of services are carried out after Customs clearance:

  • Physical and documentary revision of imported goods. This includes inspection to determine the quantity of goods and the declaration’s compliance with the Custom’s Harmonized System.
  • Verification of goods of foreign origin that are in transit to ensure they are en route for their final destination such as a factory, warehouse, store etc.
  • Verification of the existence or physical location of the supplier, producer or buyer as declared in the invoice or other Customs documents. The objective is to protect national production and manufacturing.

Cotecna has supplied state of the art equipment and infrastructure that enables a constant real-time communication with SAT, as well as permanent Internet access to information held in a digital database.



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