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Cotecna at Geneva School of Business Administration

Matthieu Delorme, Cotecna's Chief Operating Officer for all non Government services, was invited to lecture on "The Role of Inspection in International Commodity Trading" to final year BSc Commodity Trading majors at Geneva School of Business Administration (Haute Ecole de Gestion - HEG). The course focused primarily on the institutional framework within which inspection companies operate, the commodities inspection processes, and the inspection market.


For further information please contact:

Matthieu DELORME
Chief Operating Officer - Commercial
Cotecna Trade Services S.A. 
58, Rue de la Terrassière 
P.O. Box 6155 
1211 Geneva 6 
Tel + 41 22 849 78 36 
Fax + 41 22 849 69 49



58, rue de la Terrassière
P.O. Box 6155
1207 Geneva

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