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Angola PSI Program Update

Luanda, 12 July, 2013

On June 11, 2013, the Angolan government advised that the Presidential Decree No. 63/13 had come into force. The decree makes Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) facultative for goods imported into Angola, thus as of June 12, 2013, mandatory PSI is no longer required.

Please note that all processes with a MINCO (DU) license prior to June 12, 2013, are still subject to the previous PSI regime and require the submission of the ADV (CRF) in Customs clearance procedures.

Cotecna continues to provide Facultative Pre-Shipment Inspection services in Angola. The advantages of carrying out Pre-Shipment Inspection are as follows:

  • Faster clearance: The “Green Channel” is still valid and in force. Merchandise which has undergone Pre-Shipment Inspection shall be cleared through Customs with less risk of being subject to scanner or physical inspection intervention upon arrival. Files with CRF will have speedy treatment, Customs verification of final documents details will be lighter and less risk of incurring demurrage/detention costs.
  • Minimize risk of incurring fines for missing/wrong declaration: assurance that the correct Tariff / HS code has been declared and how much import duty will be applied.
  • Verification of Goods: Cotecna will provide consistent and reliable quality control for the checking goods from suppliers. The sealing of FCLs will reduce the probability of your goods being tampered with. We will verify that the price, quantity, and Customs classification are consistent with the product declared.
  • Letters of credit: an L/C sometimes needs to be accompanied by an inspection certificate. This can speed up the bank transfer of funds to the supplier.

For more information, or to request your inspection, please visit our dedicated Angola PSI page. Alternatively, you can contact us at our office in Luanda:

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