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Electronic Single Window

Cotecna helps:

    - by allowing them to focus on clearance processes
    - by clearing goods faster and more transparently.
    - by obtaining all required licenses and permits from government agencies faster, and in conformity with national regulations.
    - by putting emphasis on port-related processes to streamline containers in/out of the port and to minimize dwell time.

Cotecna engages in:

    - Risk free trade facilitation projects on BOT and concession contracts, including financing and capacity building.
    Cotecna’s portfolio of trade facilitation services can also provide stakeholders with
    - sophisticated multi-agency risk management systems,
    - state-of-the-art transit monitoring technology,
    - cutting edge post clearance valuation, and
    - highly developed cargo scanning solutions.

Cotecna's Electronic Single Window Solutions:

  • bring the entire international trading community together in one single access point to accelerate and secure the clearing process for goods.
  • combines operational expertise with strong partnerships and solid technology suppliers.

Reduce Delays… Reduce Paperwork… Cut Costs

  • Each day saved in goods clearance reduces costs for trade by the equivalent of one tariff point
  • Benefits for Trade and Government
  • Predictable application of regulations
  • More effective and efficient deployment of resources
  • Accurate data mean maximum revenue yields Improves compliance and combats fraudulent practices
  • Improves economic competitiveness in international markets

Electronic Single Window from Cotecna giving you the competitive edge: