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Inspection of Meat

Inspection of meat and meat products

Quantitative inspection of meat:

During the quantitative inspection, the following is confirmed and controlled
Quantity of goods: for packaged goods, it is the number of boxes, for carcasses/half-carcasses – the number of places.
Typically, such meat inspection is conducted during the unloading or loading of goods into vehicles (train cars, containers, and trucks).

Qualitative inspection of meat:

Similarly, either during the unloading/loading or in the warehouse, samples from the batches of meat are selected.
The freshness of meat is determined by organoleptic, chemical, and microscopic studies of the carcass, its parts or organs. Rejected stale meat on the basis of organoleptic evaluation is subjected to further investigation.

During the organoleptic assessment, the appearance and colour of the meat, its consistency, odour, state of the fat, tendons, and the quality of the broth according to its colour, its clarity and odour are all determined. A chemical study implies the content of volatile fatty acids and the primary products of protein breakdown in the broth.

During microbiological studies, the number of cocci and rods in the field of view of the microscope and the degree of disintegration of muscle tissue are established.

Reports are released according to the results of the study.