Cotecna Russia
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Inspection of Petroleum Products and Chemicals

Cargo inspected:

  • Liquid and dry bulk fertilisers
  • Chemical products
  • Mineral resources

The main services provided:

  • Pre-inspection, inspection of goods during storage
  • Inspection of vehicles/train cars/containers for the suitability of transportation of specific cargoes
  • Monitoring the accuracy of the loading/unloading under the terms of the contract, according to the quantity and quality of goods specified in the contract
  • Tally
  • Controlling of weighing operations
  • Sampling of goods and conducting analyses in accordance with the Russian and international standards
  • Radiometric control
  • Vessel’s Draft Survey (definition of the weight of loaded or unloaded cargo, transported in bulk)
  • Determining the quantity of liquid cargo in tanks, tankers, and ground tanks