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Inspection of Vegetable Oils

1) Inspection during the loading of unrefined vegetable oil in the tanker:

  • Inspection of vessel’s tanks for their suitability to transport this type of cargo according to the FOSFA requirements and others
  • Inspection of oil in onshore tanks, sampling the goods, inspection, analysis, if necessary
  • Identification of the cargo loaded on the measurements of shore tanks in accordance with international requirements and the measurements of the vessel’s tanks
  • Sampling of cargo during loading (from the shoreline, “first foot”, from the tanks, etc.)
  • Laboratory analyses of vegetable oil (the content of volatile substances, free fatty acids, fatty acid composition, impurity content, density, etc.)
  • Provision of reports and certificates in accordance with the FOSFA requirements and other international standards
  • Sending arbitration samples, if necessary
  • Storage of reserve samples


2) Inspection during the loading of unrefined vegetable oil into rail tank cars:

  • Inspection of rail tank cars for the suitability for the transportation of this cargo
  • Oil sampling when loading in the rail tank cars
  • Analyses of samples for compliance with contract performance
  • Provision of reports or certificates in accordance with the requirements and instructions of the client
  • Storage of reserve samples