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Special Services

In addition to the traditional inspection services, Cotecna also offers a wide range of special services, such as:

  • Minimising the loss of goods during transportation by shipload lots. Cotecna supervises the loading and unloading of the products batches and guarantees the safety of the goods to the extent and within the limits as stipulated in the Agreement on the provision of services.
  • Monitoring goods in a warehouse/elevator with a guarantee of its safety. Cotecna supervises the entire cycle of movement of goods in a warehouse/elevator, including the receipt and release, and is responsible for safety at all stages.
  • Proof of warehouse receipts issued by a freight forwarder. The purpose of this inspection is to confirm the physical presence of goods declared to the bank in the areas of its storage.
  • Radiometric control. Cotecna monitors radioactive cargo, before or during the loading in order to confirm its safety. These works are carried out in accordance with accreditation by Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology.
  • Inspection of vessels.  It includes:  Inspection of vessels before leasing, inspection of vessels before transferring vessels at the end of the lease period, bunker survey, and other specialised inspections.