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Cotecna appointed by KSO SCISI

Cotecna, one of the world’s leading international testing, inspection and certification companies, has been officially appointed by Indonesia’s KSO SCISI, to handle the inspection of B2 (Bahan Berbahaya) Hazardous Goods shipments from Korea, Japan, India and Thailand to Indonesia.

As part of the country’s import verification program, KSO Sucofindo-Surveyor Indonesia (KSO SCISI), based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was appointed by the Directorate General of International Trade of the Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia to manage the verification of the country’s B2 Hazardous Goods imports. KSO SCISI is a Joint Operation between two State owned companies, PT. Sucofindo and PT. Surveyor Indonesia, and acts as an independent surveyor for the verification of many other commodities within the country’s import verification program.

Effective 1st Nov 2011, the Trade Minister’s Decree 23/M-DAG/PER/9/2011 of 7 Sept 2011, requires all B2 Hazardous Goods shipments to Indonesia to carry a Survey Report.

As a subcontractor of KSO SCISI, Cotecna will carry out verification and surveys of all B2 Hazardous Goods exported from Japan, Korea, India and Thailand to Indonesia and covered under the above mentioned Decree. This will include administration and field verification to provide information such as country of origin data and the description of the goods, the appropriate HS code and CAS N°, the date of shipment and port of destination.

Robert Massey, CEO Cotecna said, “Once again KSO SCISI has shown their confidence in Cotecna by awarding the company an additional contract. This further emphasizes Cotecna’s competence in the area of import verification services and is proof of Cotecna’s commitment to participating in the economic growth of Indonesia and the rest of Asia.”

All Indonesian B2 Hazardous Goods importers should contact KSO in Jakarta.

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